The Founding Spirit of Tokyo Medical University

Almost 100 years ago, in May 1916, almost 450 students from Japan Medical College (presently known as Japan Medical University) resigned en masse because of conflict with the administration, and set about trying to realize their own ideal place of study, working toward the establishment of a new school. After overcoming many difficulties, they were able to rent classrooms in Tokyo Academy of Physics (presently Tokyo University of Science) from September that year, and thereby established Tokyo Medical Teaching Establishment.

In 1918, the veteran official and bureaucrat Mr. Takuya TAKAHASHI invested his entire finances and worked ceaselessly around the country to gain a huge amount of support from famous personages in the world of medicine, politics and finance, such as Mr. Susumu SATO, Mr. Rintaro(Ougai) MORI, Mr. Takashi HARA, Mr. Tsuyoshi INUKAI, Mr. Korekiyo TAKAHASHI, Mr. Shigenobu OKUMA, Mr. Eiichi SHIBUSAWA etc and established Tokyo Medical School. In 1946, the institution was elevated to the level of a university and has continued as such since then. Even today, Mr. Takuya TAKAHASHI is spoken of with love and reverence as the founder who poured his life’s blood into the founding of our school.

Plaque bearing the University’s motto: “Self-reliance and Self-study”Since its founding, Tokyo Medical University has taken “Justice, Friendship and Service” as its guiding motto. Furthermore, the spirit of self-reliance and self-study has continued from its initial beginning until today. By this motto we mean that one should rely on oneself in all things.