Endowed Departments

The research and educational activities of the following endowed departments are supported by financial contributions from both governmental organizations and private entities.

Genetic Research on Coagulation Disorders

The department undertakes gene-level research for both the elucidation of pathologies and the development of therapies. Our research focuses on hemorrhagic disorders such as hemophilia and thrombotic disorders such as antithrombin deficiency. The research is expected to provide a strong basis for the ongoing development of new treatment strategies, including gene therapy and the management of complications.


Modern society is marked by an increasing prevalence of sleep disorders, including insomnia, hypersomnia, sleep-wake rhythm disorder, sleep apnea, and parasomnia. This department engages in interdisciplinary research combining basic biology, clinical medicine, economics, and other areas of study. The ultimate objective is to obtain findings that can benefit society.

Bone and Joint Biomaterial Research

The number of people suffering from osteoarthritis and other articular disorders is destined to continue rising as a result of the aging population. This is accompanied by a marked increase in the number of joint replacement procedures. The department aims to contribute to clinical medicine by developing artificial joints that are superior in terms of safety, durability, biocompatibility, and wear and abrasion resistance.

Ibaraki Prefecture Community Medicine Liaison System

The aim of this department is to improve the quality of medical care in Ibaraki Prefecture. To achieve this, we are building medical coordination systems for regions with a shortage of doctors, providing educational support for solving this shortage, and undertaking research on establishing a system for the education and training of medical professionals who will form the core of community medical care. Disseminating the findings of the research is also an important departmental activity.

Hitachi City Community Obstetrics and Gynecology

The objective of this department is to contribute to the improvement of medical care in Hitachi City through research on configurations and systems for regional provision of obstetric and gynecological care, and the dissemination of these findings.

Molecular Diabetology (Manda Memorial Department)

The department is engaged in research at both the cellular and genetic level. Our research is focused on clarifying the pathology and finding more effective treatment strategies for diabetic arteriosclerosis. The research is already yielding important findings on transcription factors and vascular endothelial cells.

Shirakawa Regional Medicine

The purpose of this department is to contribute to the development of the best possible healthcare system for the Shirakawa area of Fukushima prefecture. The department is intended to support both research and educational activities, both aimed at nurturing human resources in the Shirakawa area.

Molecular Preventive Medicine

The purpose of this department is to promote medical research into and education on the prevention of disease. The focus will be on research into the relationship between various diseases and the transporters for essential compounds in the human body such as choline and zinc at the molecular level.

Motor Function Reconstructive Surgery (Kamisu Community)

The aim of this department is to raise the level of regional medical care in Kamisu Community. The department is intended to help doctors further their skills in the field of orthopedic surgery and promote research into the building of an emergency healthcare system.

New Frontier Medical Research

The aim of this department is to analyze the effect of compounds found in natural substances and elucidate the molecular mechanism underlying their pharmacological action. This will help with the development of new and safe drugs incorporating such compounds based on solid scientific evidence. It is hoped that this will contribute to improving quality of life and reducing future medical costs.

Development of Community Medicine (ibaraki)

Advanced Management for Heart Failure

Narita-City Community Medicine

Division of Preemptive for Vascular Damage

Department of Anesthesiology,ibaraki