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Mongolian Spot [Child Fleck]: Spotting Mongolian Spot (updated on August 27, 2003)

Mongolian spots are birthmarks, NOT bruises.

Genetic Images English Resources: (updated on June 24, 2003)

The following images and animations are for the genetic education.
They are all generalized images and are not reliable.
These images should be used only by trained specialists.
These images may be used freely for education, but must credit the author and copyright.
PowerPoint 2002 files are added newly (indeicated by *).


Animations of Chromosomal Structural Abnormalities

Animations of Meiosis and Fertilization*

Animations of Translocation Type Down Syndrome

Animations of Chromosomal Abnormalities Caused by Inversion

Animation of Chromosomal Abnormalities Caused by Balanced Translocation

Animations of Transcription into mRNA and Translation into Protein

Animations of Mutation of DNA(s)

Animation of DNA Analyses

Animations of Mutation of Gene(s)

Animations of Induction of Gene(s) (Gene Therapy)

Animations of Problems in Gene Therapy

Marfan Syndrome Cardiovascular Images

Power Point 2002 Chromosome Files:

Genome (colour

Genome (B&G





Chromosome 1* Chromosome 2* Chromosome 3* Chromosome 4*
Chromosome 5* Chromosome 6* Chromosome 7* Chromosome 8*
Chromosome 9* Chromosome 10* Chromosome 11* Chromosome 12*
Chromosome 13* Chromosome 14* Chromosome 15* Chromosome 16*
Chromosome 17* Chromosome 18* Chromosome 19* Chromosome 20*
Chromosome 21* Chromosome 22* Chromosome X & X* Chromosome Y & X*

Set of [A] and [B] files (1253K)*

Figures and Pictures:

Cell, Chromosomes and DNA


Direct Links to Pictures:

Female Meiosis

Male Meiosis

Trisomy Type Down Syndrome Meiosis

Translocation Type Down Syndrome Meiosis

Trisomy Type Down Syndrome Fertilization

Translocation Type Down Syndrome Fertilization

Turner and Klinefelter Syndrome



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