Division History

1945 Tokyo Medical College was promoted to Tokyo Medical University (TMU) and the department of Public Health was established in December. Dr. Kyoji Akatsuka was recruited from the Institute of Public Health to become the first department chair and professor of Public Health.

1946 Dr. Kiichiro Miyazawa took the position of Instructor in March.

1951 The department was renamed Hygiene and Public Health.

1961 Dr. Miyazawa was promoted to Associate Professor in June.

1970 Dr. Miyazawa was promoted to Professor and established a new division.

1971 Prof. Akatsuka reached retirement age and became an emeritus professor. Dr. Joji Fujinami was promoted from Instructor to Chief Professor for Hygiene while Prof. Miyazawa became Chief Professor for Public Health resulting in two chief professors for two divisions in one department.

1987 Prof. Miyazawa retired in March and Dr. Hisao Iwane, who was a Vice Medical Director and an Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at Hachioji Medical Center, took the position of Chief Professor for Public Health in March. Moreover, Dr. Hiroshi Nakajima, who was an executive director of WHO and a graduate of TMU, was invited as a visiting professor in the department.

1988 Drs. Teruichi Shimomitsu and Toshihito Katsumura, who were working as attending physicians in Internal Medicine at Hachioji Medical Center, were transferred to the department in June and December, respectively.

1991 The department was designated as a WHO Collaborating Center for Health Promotion through Research and Training in Sports Medicine in December.

1993 Drs. Shimomitsu and Katsumura were promoted to Instructor.

1994 Drs. Shimomitsu and Katsumura were promoted to Associate Professor.

1994 Chief Prof. Iwane passed away due to an accident.

1997 Associate Profs. Shimomitsu and Katsumura succeeded Drs. Fujinami and Iwane to Chief Professors in April.

1998 Drs. Ayumi Sakamoto and Takafumi Hamaoka were promoted to Instructor in April and July, respectively.

2002 Dr. Hamaoka was recruited to be a professor at the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in KANOYA in December.

2003 Dr. Norio Murase was promoted to Instructor in January.

2004 A Sports Medicine specialty was added to the department in October and taught by Professor Katsumura, Adjunct Instructor Hamaoka and Instructor Murase.

2006 Reorganization of the department was performed in April resulting in two divisions; Prof. Katsumura supervised the Sports Medicine for Health Promotion division and Prof. Shimomitsu supervised the Public Health division. Dr. Takuya Osada was promoted from an attending physician to an instructor in August.

2007 Dr. Ryotaro Kime was promoted from an assistant professor to an instructor in August.

2008 The Cardiac Rehabilitation Center was established in April. Drs. Katsumura (Professor), Murase (Instructor), Osada (Instructor) and Shimomura (Assistant professor) started patient care at the clinic in April.

2015 Prof. Katsumura retired to be an emeritus professor in March. He was succeeded by Visiting Professor Hamaoka to become Chief Professor of Sports Medicine for Health Promotion.

Annotation: This chronological table was made based on Fifty Years of Tokyo Medical University History, Seventy Years of Tokyo Medical University History, and Eighty Years of Tokyo Medical University History in addition to reference materials remaining in the two divisions.
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