Tokyo Medical University Ibaraki Medical Center
Hospital Director
Tokyo Medical University Kasumigaura Hospital was established in 1948 on a site overlooking the waters of Kasumigaura in southern Ibaraki Prefecture. It has played the role of one of the main hospitals in the region, based on its commitment to the three principles of health care, education and research while proactively promoting state-of-the-art medicine as well as emergency and critical care medicine.
Particularly distinctive features are our primary care education and organ-based residency education program on which we are building one of the most unique clinical teaching hospitals. With the combined establishment of our Rehabilitation Center and our Medical and Welfare Center we are supporting the needs of the local community, integrating health care and welfare services.
We are also fully committed to fulfilling our role in the undergraduate and continuing medical education programs, in our capacity as a medical university affiliated hospital, and with our graduate school programs in internal medicine and surgery we have ample educational and research activities. With the dual features of a medical university affiliated hospital and also a regional support hospital, we are fulfilling a unique role.
Numbers of Health Care Professionals
(as of May 1, 2004)
Doctors 97
Pharmacists 14
Nursing Staff 355
Paramedical Staff 70
Clerical Staff 71
Others 34
Total 641
Number of Beds 580
Clinical Departments and Department Heads
(as of May 1, 2004)
Internal Medicine Takeshi Matsuoka
Psychiatry Koichi Suzuki
Respiratory Medicine Makoto Saito
Gastrointestinal Surgery Takafumi Tabuchi
Cardiovascular Medicine Masahiro Abe
Cardiovascular Surgery Hideaki Nakano
Pediatrics Atsushi Kumada
Orthopedic Surgery Katsuji Ichimaru
Neurosurgery Yoshinori Ito
Dermatology Tsunao Oi
Urology Takaaki Ito
Obstetrics and Gynecology Kunio Matayoshi
Ophthalmology Masahiro Osako
Otorhinolaryngology Kumiko Yukawa
Radiology Fumio Kotake
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Motoshi Takamori
Anesthesiology Tatsushi Ito
Infectious Diseases Hidetaka Fukue
Nephrology Masaki Kobayashi
Clinical Laboratory Hidetaka Fukue
Diagnostic Pathology Hiroshi Kusama
Emergency Medical Treatment Division Sosuke Koike
Intensive Care Division (ICU Kunio Yanagida, CCU Masahiro Abe)
Social Welfare Research Center Katsuhiko Narushima
Sleep Apnea Center Hisanaga Yagyu
General Outpatient Division Hisanaga Yagyu
Rehabilitation Center Seiichi Nishino
Sanatorium Division Toshiaki Narasaka

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