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Publicly Offered Research (2017 - 2018)

Applications for the publicly offered research groups

Recent studies have suggested that there might be a novel mode of antigen presentation by major histocompatibility complex (MHC), which we call “neo-self” and does not follow a conventional concept of “self” vs. “non-self” for understanding the mechanisms of various immune-related diseases. In this research area, we will try to understand the pathogenesis of autoimmune disease through investigating this novel concept of “neo-self”. Furthermore, we will also try to understand the mechanisms for antigen presentation in order to develop novel therapeutic approaches to cancer immunotherapy. Because we now know that previously unrecognized forms of peptide-MHC complexes can cause the diseases, we are now trying to establish a novel concept of “neo-self”.

For the purposes described above, our research team will intensely investigate the following research projects. We additionally invite the researchers from outside our research team who will work on these issues. With the approaches from novel viewpoints together with the introduction of new methodologies, we need to understand the mechanisms of antigen presentation and the mode of recognition by immune cells in order to propose a novel paradigm for immune recognition. In the research project A01, we encourage the researchers who will work on the creation and recognition of neo-self. We also seek the active proposals focusing on the relationship between MHC and susceptibility of the disease, mechanisms underlying the establishment of self-tolerance and the development of allergic reactions. We also encourage researchers who are involved in the disciplines outside immunology in order to understand the pathogenesis of immune-related diseases by taking different approaches (e.g., chaperon). In the research project A02, we seek the proposals that focus on the structural biology, genome research, imaging technology, informatics and single-cell analysis. For both projects of A01 and A02, many challenging proposals by young scientists who would not stick to the conventional ideas are highly recommended in order to achieve a breakthrough in the field.

Research Group Upper Limit of Annual Budget
(Million yen)
Number of research projects
scheduled to be selected
A01 Functional analysis of neo-self 4 12
A02 Structural analysis of neo-self 4 4

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